I will bless you so you will be a blessing

| February 2, 2014

Then I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you, and I will make your name great, so that you will exemplify divine blessing.Genesis 12:2 NET

PrayingGod wants to bless us, and then he wants us in turn to be a blessing to others. God’s way is to send many of his good things through human mediators. When he would bless a little child, he puts a gift of wondrous love into a mother’s heart. When he would bless a class of young people or children, he sends a teacher with a heart full of warm sympathy and earnest interest in life. When he would bless a community, he raises up a good man, and touches his heart, that he may scatter benefits among the people.

When God enriches us with gifts of whatever kind, he wants them to be blessings to others. Nothing that we have, is ours for ourselves alone. We receive that we may distribute. When God gives a man money, he intends him to use it so as to make it a blessing to the world. When God bestows upon anyone the gift of song, of eloquence, of the artist’s power, he desires these gifts to be used to make men better and happier. We should never live for ourselves. We should seek always to live to make the world purer, truer, holier, sweeter.

Image credit: Coopertax Media Services