The Savages Amongst Us

| August 18, 2009

“Go ahead, shoot me. I like the status quo on health care in the United States. I’ve got health insurance and I don’t give a damn about the 47 million suckers who don’t. Obama and Congress must be stopped. No bill! I’m better off the way things are.”

This is the opening statement of Mr. Jonathan Alter, a Newsweek columnist, in his article “What’s Not To Like” published July 31, 2009.

I could understand those who oppose health care reform because insurance companies are bound to lose a big chunk of business. Maybe they are employed by insurance providers and they are just trying to hold on to their source of income. And for those who sit in Congress, they are just protecting the millions of lobby money flowing down Capitol Hill from insurance companies. Plain and simple – their reason is insecurity and maybe greed for some.

But for Mr. Alter and the rest of the conservatives who share his “I don’t give a damn about the 47 million suckers“ point-of-view, they are just plain selfish jerks. They should all be brought to the uninhabited Palmyra Atoll to live among themselves. Let them start their own commune and maybe, just maybe, they will learn that John Donne was not being poetic when he said that “no man is an island… any man’s death diminishes me.” All human beings, regardless of creed and religion, of nationality and ethnicity, or of culture and upbringing embrace this concept. And anyone who doesn’t is no better than a savage who eats his kind, thinking that this is the only way to survive.