Living in the light

| January 5, 2015

for you were at one time darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of the lightEphisians 5:8 NET

ImgThe tendency to morbidness which shows itself in some people, is most unhealthy. In some it is habitual; a person decides to keep on a disposition to gloom; that now the feelings run, even unimpeded, in melancholy grooves. In others it is incidental, caused by loss or trial, the life requiring some time to react after its shock of grief, and rebound to its wonted cheerfulness. The latter experience is not so unwholesome, because it is transient; but the former, wherever it exists, should be treated as a mental disease, and subjected to the wisest processes of cure. It is destructive of life’s beauty. It mars one’s usefulness. It grieves God, for it is practical unbelief.

Why should one persist in refusing the blessing of God’s bounteous sunshine, and walk only in gloomy paths? Why should one close windows and doors and live in darkness – when God’s glory of light flows everywhere? The morbid person should heroically set himself the task of getting rid of his miserable gloom! It may take time; for when darkness has become ingrained in the soul, it can yield but slowly to the influence of light. Yet the task should be achieved. To stay in the shades of melancholy is most unchristian.

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