Does Your Business Tithe?

| September 17, 2013

When it comes to being a business owner, you may often worry about the incoming and outgoing flow of cash. After all, we all know that money is necessary in any business. It can often times be a source of headache. However, have you considered and do you consider tithing as a business owner? 

tithesandoffering-webSure, your business most likely has its own share of expenses, and tithing might seem like just an added, or additional expense that you may feel like you cannot afford, when in fact, if you think about it, you can’t afford not to tithe.

The Bible is very clear on tithing. It gives us clear instructions about giving back to God what is already His. After all, He gave us everything that we enjoy, each blessing that we receive. The same is true with your business. The Lord is the one who has blessed your business and given it the success that you have experienced. Therefore if you are indeed turning a profit then you should be turning some of that profit back over to His hands.

Biblically, a tithe is said to be a tenth of what you have received. For example if you receive two-thousand dollars in a month’s time then ten percent of that would be two hundred dollars. Calculating your tithe is not difficult.

A tithe is also given to a local church, which means that you will most likely need to be involved in a church in order to tithe to it. It isn’t necessary but it is what is best. Being involved in a local church is the right thing to do and giving your tithe there is how you can give back to God, also by serving in the church as well.

The Bible also tells us that if we do give our tithe that we should do so cheerfully. That being said you should give your tithe from a willing and giving heart. As a result you will see that the Lord will give back to you and bless your business.

No good deed is unseen by God and He does reward those who seek and obey Him. By tithing with your business you are being obedient to Him and His Word. You will feel good about what you are able to do with your own abundance and how you are using it to help others, through the church. 

Also given God your time is another way that you can give back, you can do this by being involved in the ministries and areas of service in your local church. This will be a positive way that you can be a witness for Christ, then when others see you in your business capacity they will remember that you are a follower of Christ, which will also help point them to Christ, but you must always remember that they are also looking to you to display a Christian example in everything that you do, even in your business practices. 

As a Christian and as a business owner there are many responsibilities to be upheld, tithing is only one of these, but one to be highly considered.