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About Angel House Orphanage Foundation Inc

San Isidro, Davao Oriental, Philippines

Angel House Orphanage cares for abandoned, neglected, abused and orphaned children from birth to age six, providing a safe and loving home, medical care and education. They prepare them for a better future and to achieve their dream of having a family that will love and care for them.

baby boy

When this adorable little boy was born his mother was only fifteen years old and attending High School.

Teenage pregnancy is a growing problem in many countries and the Philippines is certainly no exception; being a predominately catholic nation it has firm beliefs regarding contraception and abortion. Perhaps that would be okay if children were taught sex education in school, but that is another political and religious argument that means teenagers often do not receive the guidance they need. Even teenagers that have been raped, sometimes by a close relative, are often left with no choice but to give birth to an unwanted child.

Here at Angel House, we are the ones left to deal with the children resulting from these teenage pregnancies; babies that are often underweight and unhealthy due to the immature bodies of their young mothers. We encourage the mother to continue her education so that she can make a better future for her child; we look for other relatives that may be willing to help care for the child and make every effort to re-unite the family as soon as possible.

The mother of the cute boy in the photo is bright and we are hopeful that everything will work out well for them; she is still with the father of the child, but he does not have a stable income as a laborer. Together with your support through Global Giving we can care for this innocent child until the mother is capable of giving him the maternal love and good future that he deserves.

David Donaldson, Project Leader

The mission statement for Angel House is very simple: LOVE : The most important right of every child is to receive love and to be accepted as a member of a family. CARE: This includes caring for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. PROTECTION: Our aim is to protect these children from further exploitation, neglect or abuse.

Angel House Orphanage – Care Package

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We bundled a care package for Angel House Orphanage with the following:
– Nestogen Baby Formula 1300g 10 boxes/cans
– Nestle Bear Brand 1200g 10 boxes/cans
– Rice 50kg 2 sacks
– various medicine ($100 worth)

The total cost is $470. Let us give these children hope.

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