Oplan Warmth Chicago

Oplan Warmth Chicago


As of the 31st of January, the brutal cold weather in the Midwest has cost the lives of at least 20 people in Chicago. The homeless of Chicago, numbering around 80,000 are not all in shelters. Many of them are out in the streets, trying to battle the killer polar vortex.


We have decided here in our foundation that the most urgent need of the homeless in the streets of Chicago is to keep warm. We have decided to fund-raise to buy thermal blankets to get them through the brutal cold.

We have partnered with the Warm Wishes organization and The Night Ministry in Chicago. They will distribute the blankets to the city's homeless in the streets.

After three weeks of fund raising (Jan 25 - Feb 15, 2019), we are concluding our campaign Oplan Warmth Chicago. The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless reported that among the 80,000 homeless Chicagoans, there are about 5,000 who are left unsheltered, or living in the streets. We initiated this program to provide help to the homeless people of Chicago who are stranded in the streets. These helpless individuals are left to battle the brutal cold weather caused by the polar vortex.

We were able to send three hundred (300) new thermal blankets. The Warm Wishes organization and The Night Ministry distributed the blankets to the homeless in the streets.

Although we barely scratched the surface, there are 300 homeless individuals in the streets of Chicago, who were provided hope and a fighting chance against the cold weather because of generous donations.

On behalf of our directors and staff and, more importantly, the 300 homeless Chicagoans who received our blankets, we salute our donors' support and generosity.

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